Dundee FC – Staring into the financial abyss. Again.

1 Nov

From the top of the country to the bottom it would seem no club is exempt from financial chaos. With Liverpool having avoided administration at the last minute, and Portsmouth similarly being saved from the brink of extinction.

Closer to home though, the plight of Dundee FC has been well documented.

The club are in administration for the second time in 7 years, over spending contributing to their downfall on both occasions.

Falkirk, recently relegated to the Scottish Football League status have stepped in to help out Dundee, by donating a percentage of their gate receipts to the cash strapped club.

Many Scottish clubs are suffering financially with Hearts, Rangers, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock having almost £100m worth of debt between them.

Astonishingly, Hearts spend 120% of their income on wages. It’s not Dundee as a club that we have sympathy for, they should have learnt from their past mistakes.

Could the Dens Park gates be locked for good?

This is possibly why so many have been sympathising with Dundee.

Dundee FC Supporters Society Vice Chairman, Stuart Murphy acknowledges this;

“Some have accused Dundee FC of cheating by fielding a team they could not afford and living out with their means; I would suggest this applies to almost every team in Scotland at the moment” (In SPL terms only Celtic and Kilmarnock do according to the latest available finances.)

The Scottish Football League (SFL) looking at a massive 25 point deduction, Stuart suggests this would be unfair.

“The people that are punished by a points deduction are those who least deserve it, the fans and the players.

Any deductions that see a team relegated are just as responsible for destroying players lives as administration.

How many of Dundee’s current squad will still be employed by the club if we are relegated into the Second Division?

The SFL would be just as responsible for players looking for a new job as the club were when it entered administration.”

Stuart believes the SFL need to act on the situation, but suggests they should introduce regulations for member clubs.

“Some form of punishment needs to exist to stop clubs acting irresponsibly but the SFL also has a responsibility to  protect it’s member clubs from the risks involved in trying get to the SPL.

In Germany for example there are statutes in place to make clubs live within their means.”

Clearly there are still many chapters still to unfold in the Dundee saga, here’s hoping for a happy ending for everyone involved.

Click here for full print version of this story.


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