12 Jan

Following the Green Brigade debacle earlier this season, another group of Celtic Supporters have managed to infuriatine me, with their sheer ignorance. Below is a statement from the Celtic Supporters Association, written by Joe O’Rourke;

It would appear war has been declared on more than one front, not only are bullets being sent to the Celtic manager and two players, we are also getting bombs from the outdated SFA with their totally unfair and over the top six match suspension of Neil Lennon. Add to that the articles being written by that bitter bigoted clown Leckie in the Scottish Sun; I think we have a fight on our hands.

The threats coming from the North of Ireland are nothing new, they have been going on for a long time now; the only reason it got any media coverage at all was because the PSNI released the information to the press; there has been many occasions when members of Celtic’s staff have received threats; but obviously the media deemed those threats not as serious as someone making a phone call to a Scottish referee; or shouting at one in the street.

As for the Scottish Sun; I have said here on many occasions; the only way to stop these people is to stop buying their publications. That means not only you as a Celtic fan; it also means your family and friends; your work mates or people you see in the pub; in fact anyone you can influence to stop buying it; then do so.

That takes me to the SFA and their treatment of Neil Lennon yesterday. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the revenge for Dallas and Dougie; well they have now stepped up their unfair treatment of Celtic FC and our staff. Stewart Regan has been talking about the need for the overhaul of the systems; which we have been pushing for; well yesterday was another example of that unfair treatment when our manager was suspended for 6 matches for a first offence; as the Celtic statement said “Unprecedented”.

Celtic have already appealed and it’s in the hands of their lawyers, but we as supporters have a part to play as well. We keep saying we won’t accept unfair treatment; but we keep going back and doing exactly the same things as we have been doing; obviously in support of our team. But continuing to support the other teams in Scotland is just the same as continuing to fund the Sun newspaper.

I believe that one of the four man panel who dealt with Neil was the Kilmarnock Chairman Michael Johnston. Well we are scheduled to play Kilmarnock on March 2nd; a Wednesday night, ideal for a bhoycott by the Celtic supporters; it would give us the opportunity to let these people know exactly where they would be without the financial input of the Celtic support.

But let’s be honest about this, a bhoycott would only succeed with the backing of all the Celtic supporters; I know some people will say, I haven’t missed a game for twenty years, but there needs to be a sacrifice by us; to make these people realise that without us; a team like Kilmarnock would by playing against the likes of Dalry or Largs in the A*rshire Junior League.

At this stage the Association has not voted on this policy, I will put it before the EC and member branches very shortly. I would be delighted to hear the thoughts of all the other supporters groups; and of supporters who travel independently to gauge the level of support for such action.”

I have chosen to embolden part of the text, as this incensed me on a more personal level.

The fact that Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston was on the panel which disciplined the Celtic manager, was rather irrelevant. This tirade by Joe O’Rourke, and that’s what it is a tirade, fails to mention Stephen Thompson and Scott Struthers; Chairman of Dundee United and Secretary of Hamilton Academicals also sat on the board. Why focus on the Kilmarnock chairman? Regardless of the motive, they have singled this game out as perfect for a boycott. Interestingly, they picked out a midweek away fixture to Kilmarnock as a boycott last year. Until of course it transpired it would be Robbie Keane’s debut match, then any thought of a boycott went out of the window.

I’m sure the few thousand Rugby Park regulars would be more than happy to see the

Killie Chairman faces a boycott

Celtic fans boycott this game. The environment and atmosphere when either half of the Old Firm come to visit is antagonistic, unpleasant and intimidating. Maybe this no-show would encourage more home fans to come out, knowing they won’t have to suffer this horrendous atmosphere on their own doorsteps.

I would however like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Celtic fans for sticking to their principles;

But continuing to support the other teams in Scotland is just the same as continuing to fund the Sun newspaper.

That’ll be the reason they didn’t sell their allocation for the Berwick game then, good on them.

I am choosing not to respond to the remark about Kilmarnock FC’s credentials as a Junior team, as any self respecting Scottish football fan will dismiss this remark as the nonsense it so clearly is

The self proclaimed greatest supporters in the world, looking for yet another excuse not to support the team.

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