Dundee dealt hammer blow

13 Jan

Dundee FC is a club still very much in financial turmoil. Two and a half months have passed since the Tayside club were plunged into administration, again. Off the pitch, improvements are taking shape. With star-man Leigh Griffiths likely to be sold to Wolverhampton Wanderers for £150,000 and the club taking steps towards an agreement with their creditors and HMRC, their financial health is improving. When this question was posed earlier in the year, 75% of readers expected Griffiths would be sold from under Dundee, in January.

Dundee FC

Dundee fans, almost unanimously are accepting of the fact that the club had to sell Griffiths. Their financial position alone dictates that fact.

Their anger lies with the SFL, who in the fans opinion seem hell bent on hindering Dundee FC’s progress.

After the, albeit expected, hammer blow of a 25 point reduction the SFL’s ruling that Griffiths couldn’t be loaned back to the club is seen by many as adding insult to injury. One Dundee fan summed up the views that many seem to share;

The 25 point penalty and transfer embargo is blatantly unreasonable. I am certainly not a conspiracy theorist. I just think we’re dealing with amateurs who are intoxicated by the excitement of actually making headlines and being noticed as powerful people when they are anything but. Our shocking mismanagement has given this motley crew the chance to be noticed. The SFL has a clear obligation to support member clubs. If we are talking about sticking to rules then I suggest these people are in clear breach of their primary aim. This latest measure is a cruel and unnecessary act. It is nothing short of disgusting, in my opinion. We cannot enter the minds of these chairmen who are overlooking tiny, unsuccesful clubs but the argument for the case that they are vindictive, is to me, entirely reasonable.

The consensus is that the SFL are making things unnecessarily difficult for a club already in dire straits. The sale of the striker, and having no ability to replace him is regarded by many as the final nail in the coffin for the club as one fan said.

The SFL been instrumental in forcing Dundee FC into the position they are in as of now. They’re digging our grave for us.

Selling star players is the bread and butter for most clubs. Dundee’s inability to replace them, enforced on them by the league makes their position unenviable and unique.

The Dens striker is on the move

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3 Responses to “Dundee dealt hammer blow”

  1. steakheed January 13, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    He is a good player with plenty of potential. Has to watch his attitude slightly as was shown in his last game on Sunday in the 4-0 defeat at the hands to Motherwell.Also Tony Watt who signed for Celtic for £100,000 last week from Airdrie goes to show the amount of young talent coming through.

  2. Ross January 13, 2011 at 10:30 pm #

    I think Griffiths is potentially a very good striker. Although, he does seem to be quite raw and can’t control his tempremant.

    I reckon a move to an SPL club or a move outside the UK would be the best for him. Or even better, stay at Dundee for another year or so.

  3. Davie fae Islay February 4, 2011 at 3:24 pm #

    Now the SFL won’t let him come bak on loan! It’s like they want us to be relegated. No need.

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