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Grassroots Report

28 Apr

An audio report on the game in Scotland at its most important level. Grassroots football.

With Scotland set to be thrown in the worlds sporting spotlight with the Commonwealth Games in 2014 the importance of Grassroots sport is more relevant than ever.

At a grassroots level we are developing young people from the bottom of the sporting latter to allow them to ascend to become the best athlete’s they can be.

Football in particular relies heavily on cultivating youth at this level. With Scottish football at the top levels almost universally agreed to be in a poor state on and off the field the reliance on youth is more important than ever.

After investigation into Grassroots football it becomes clear that despite the resources at our availability in Scotland, we are not doing what we should or could be to help our youths and our game progress and there are many problems inherent in the system.

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